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Evolution Frightens Me

Let’s hope that religious freaks are correct and evolution doesn’t exist. I say this because of the potential horrors that await us. The BBC has more on this bizarre prediction. Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics predicts that within 100,000 years humans will have evolved in to two classes. The first [...]

Muslim Pharmacist Denies Woman ‘Morning After’ Pill

In my previous article about Muslim cabbies, someone mentioned how long till a Muslim pharmacist denies a woman the ‘morning after’ pill. For those who are unfamiliar, this pill basically prevents a pregnancy from occurring. It’s meant to be taken the day following your sexual encounter. I wondered how long it would be till this [...]

Christian Right Propaganda Posters

You can all thank Evangelical Right for this tip. The following Christian Right propaganda posters were derived from original WWI and WWII propaganda posters available here. They were created by Austin Cline. Cline is a Regional Director for the Council for Secular Humanism and a former Publicity Coordinator for the Campus Freethought Alliance. He is [...]

Richard Dawkins — The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins is a British ethologist, an evolutionary theorist, and an established writer. He is an outspoken Atheist and religion’s chief prosecutor. In his latest book, The God Delusion, Dawkins attacks religion and argues the existence of God. His views have been seen as extreme in some circles, but I just see them as educated, [...]

Christians Shocked At Nature’s “Unnatural” Behavior

The Oslo Natural History Museum recently opened up the world’s first museum exhibition about homosexual animals. Geir Soeli, the project leader, contends that "homosexuality has been observed for more than 1,500 animal species, and is well documented for 500 of them." Furthermore, the exhibit clearly states… We may have opinions on a lot of things, [...]

Bush Whitehouse Playing Evangelicals For Suckers?

David Kuo, the number two guy at the Office of Faith Based initiatives in the White House writes a scathing account of how the Bush administration used Christians to grab and maintain power. The book is entitled Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, and it appears to be devistating. This story also validates [...]

Muslims Outraged Over Cube Conspiracy

Muslim websites are reporting that a devious plot to undermine Islam is underway right this minute in New York. Islamic agents have uncovered a building (an Apple store) that clearly ridicules the Ka’bah, the most sacred place in the world for Muslims. They are urging all Muslims to stop this blatant structure as it is [...]

The Real Truth For Youth

Hey everyone I would like announce another new section called The Truth For Youth. In this section I hope to garner support from the entire religious freaks community to deal with critical issues accurately. So many religious sites spew propaganda that really distort the facts and mislead the public. This is my attempt to correct [...]

Score One For Darwin In Michigan

In a daring display of commonsense and logic today, the Michigan State Board of Education approved public school curriculum guidelines that support the teaching of evolution in science classes — but not intelligent design. Board member John Austin, an Ann Arbor Democrat, spelled it out very clearly… The intent of the board needs to be [...]

If The Mosque Is A Rockin’…

Peter Kimani and Jennifer Wairimu, a very brave yet ignorant couple, decided to visit a mosque. Besides being non-Muslim and in Kenya, what could possibly go wrong you ask? Strike 1: They were highly intoxicated. Strike 2: It is the month of Ramadan. Strike 3: They were indulging in pleasures of the flesh. A worshipper [...]