jesus statue man fallingAlipio Acosta, a Columbian farmer, was born with epilepsy. Seeing as how God was responsible for this condition, Acosta had tried contacting him/her/it to see if his warranty was still valid. After numerous failed attempts, Acosta went for the second best, Jesus. Not surprisingly, Jesus was nowhere to be found.

But Acosta was determined, so he found the nearest 45-foot tall statue of Jesus. Maybe his prayers would be answered now, he thought to himself, as Jesus will surely hear his them! Jesus didn’t respond, so Acosta thought it best to climb the 45-foot Jesus and whisper his prayers right in Jesus’ ear.

Unfortunately, Jesus wasn’t in the miracle mood. After speaking to him, Acosta began his decent when suddenly he lost his grip and plummeted 45 feet. Jesus just stood motionless and watched as one of his precious children nearly fell to his death.

Now just between you and me, it was raining earlier in the day and that made Jesus slippery. Now we all know that rain comes from God. Makes you wonder if this was some sort of sick and twisted father/son game. Not that I’m saying it was, but you know.

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