jesus camp closedThe infamous Kids on Fire summer camp in North Dakota, made infamous by the movie Jesus Camp, has been officially shut down (for now). The camp’s director, Becky Fischer, said the movie Jesus Camp sparked such outrage that she feared for her safety and that of the kids attending the camp.

Last October, after the film’s release, the camp was hot by vandals who caused $1,500 in damage. Fischer even asked the distributors of "Jesus Camp" not to release the film in Bismarck for fear of reprisal from locals.

While I don’t condone violence against this camp or its patrons, I am very glad to see this freak show closed down. The harm done to these kids is far greater than the $1,500 worth of damage on the campground.

I’d like to hear from everyone on this. Christians, from what you know about this camp, are you glad it’s closed? As for you Atheists, you’re going to hell anyway so don’t bother commenting ;)

Also, if you’ve seen the movie please share your thoughts. And if you’ve been to the camp or know someone that has, please contact me.

Thanks to Humanistic Jones for the tip.

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