pray nakedArktis brought this humorous story to my attention about one Christian’s crusade to create a 104-acre nudist colony near Belton, South Carolina. While the project is not going over so well with the locals, I wanted to explore the issue a little more.

Upon a little Googling, I discovered an interesting Christian group called "Naturist Christians" (possibly not work-safe) amongst many others. Their goal is very simple:

To serve as the meeting place for Christians and naturists across the world who want to serve Christ in a bold, honest, wholesome and natural way that is free from the oppressive effects of traditions and practices that cast needless guilt and shame upon us all.

While I find the concept of nudism totally acceptable, I would like to hear from Christians on this one. From my knowledge of Christianity, I was under the impression that modesty trumps one’s desire to go back to nature. Now I’ve never understood this because the supposedly the human body is the creation of God. So what’s wrong with admiring his handiwork? I’m being totally serious here. If a group of like-minded individuals want to live in the nude, what’s the hang-up with mainstream Christianity?

And while we’re at it, I have another bone to pick…but this one is with the Catholic Church specifically. Why on earth is it against Catholic doctrine to marry outdoors? The fact that getting married in a man-made building (i.e. church) is more acceptable than tying the knot in nature (God’s very own creation) is absolutely absurd to me.

I’d like everyone to chime in on this one and enlighten me.

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