john safranEnough people have brought this one to my attention (Olivier & Tiberiu come to mind), so I thought I’d put it up :)

John Safran is an Australian comedian of sorts, known for his outlandish stunts and documentaries. Most notable was his 2004 series entitled "John Safran Vs God", where he traveled the globe battling religion.

In this clip, John travels to Utah to give the Mormons a little taste of their own medicine. Him and a colleague spread the good word of Atheism door-to-door in the early morning. But for some reason, most aren’t too receptive.

Now as a rule of thumb, I absolutely hate door-to-door religious salesmen and that goes for Atheism, Christianity, and any other religion. Having said that though, I hate to admit that I found this clip somewhat pleasing. Immature? Yep. But I have had these people knocking on my door many times over the last several years and it’s always at the most inopportune time… either my kid is napping, I’m napping, or the wife and I are consummating the marriage if you catch my drift. Ummm, that was too much information… sorry ’bout that ;)

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