us airways fly with usHere’s a story that that shows just how deep fear mongering has been embedded in the good ole US of A. Here’s a quick summary for those unaware.

Six Muslim imams were removed from a US Airways flight departing out of St. Paul, Minneapolis and questioned for several hours. These dangerous and unruly individuals were ratted out by an anonymous passenger who slipped a note to a flight attendant, possible saving the lives of thousands… if not millions of women and children!

With the recent events of 9/11, one couldn’t possibly blame the passengers, who were obviously in mortal danger. Right? After all these men were engaging in suspicious activities on the flight. Three of the men actually had the nerve to stand and plot the high jacking right there in plain site! Ok, so maybe they were praying together, but how is a planeload of white Christians from the Midwest supposed to know the difference? And when they were "kindly" asked to leave, they flat-out refused! Luckily the Police showed up and saved the lives of all the passengers and avoided another 9/11.

But seriously, how on Earth could a flight attendant ask these people to leave? I know for fact that if I were on that plane I would have stood up and called the act racist. Would I have been taken off the flight? Probably, but I think it’s worth it. This flourishing ignorance on America’s part toward other religions and cultures is saddening as it eats away at the melting pot we once were.

Next time I see some Christian praying on a plane, or even reading a bible, I am going to raise a stink and demand they go to Gitmo for the atrocities committed during the Crusades. Ok, maybe that’s a little silly, but you get my point.

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