Ahiida Burqini modest fitAhiida Burqini slim fitFine Muslim women everywhere are rejoicing at the latest Islamic clothing innovation known affectionately as the Burqini (Burqa + Bikini). Gone are the days of having to wear your cumbersome Burqa to the beach and attracting unwanted stares.

Thanks to Ahiida, Muslim women can head to the beach in style with several respectable garments that won’t get you arrested by your local cleric. Conservative Muslims hotties can sport the "Modest-Fit" line of swimwear. As for the risqué Muslim, don’t worry because Ahiida has got you covered, or dare I say uncovered. Go ahead and check out the "Slim-Fit" line and strut your stuff!

Still not convinced? Here are a few testimonials that speak for themselves:

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for designing the swimwear suitable for the Muslim women. May Allah reward you and your team.


Best regards,

After 7 years of not being able to get into the water – I was in there on Sunday! It was great – alhumduallah! Thanks for helping me with that experience.



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