charles darwin portraitLast week, Scott tipped me off to this article and it got me thinking a little. The author claims that while religion has killed many people throughout history (Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, etc) it is peanuts compared to Atheism. The author states:

In the name of creating their version of a religion-free utopia, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong produced the kind of mass slaughter that no Inquisitor could possibly match. Collectively these atheist tyrants murdered more than 100 million people.

A few days later Itanshi tossed this frightening little nugget my way and I was furious. The author claimed that Darwin was the driving force behind much of the death and destruction in the 20th century. He sites that Darwin’s "survival of the fittest" inspired racism, Nazism, communism, etc.

But is either camp right? Is it even possible to settle this dispute?

For those interested in the text book Atlas of Creation, referred to in Itanshi’s article, you can download it here. I encourage you to read it as it is extremely flawed in it’s argument against evolution, but that it a topic for another post.

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