In response to an earlier post about homosexuality in nature, I received a very strong comment from Henry Asta. Now we’ve discussed this issue before, but read Henry’s comments… they are somewhat frightening and provide a little insight into the mind of a hard-core Christian.

I’d like someone to point out what’s wrong with homosexuality and what exactly is their "agenda"? Is it something simple like world domination or something even more sinister such as subjecting the masses to horrible television programming like "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"?

Henry Asta writes:

In their effort to justify homosexuality, gay people and their sympathizers make the false claim that a negative attitude against gay people is due to ignorance or religious dogma. In no case where there is a sane intolerance to homosexuality is that so. However, it is a fact that people tolerate and justify homosexuality or sympathize with gay people because of ignorance, deception, denial and depravity. All the nations on earth are really heathen nations that do not embrace Christian principles as their dogma. Nevertheless, a negative attitude against homosexuality is to be found in every nation. This is not due to ignorance or religious dogma, but to common sense. Where ignorance and deception prevails and where love for evil abounds, homosexuality also thrives. Any so-called “education” in favor of homosexuality is none other than deception.

Homosexuals use many methods to deceive the gullible into tolerating homosexuality. One way they do so is to point to same sex attraction among animals. Do not be deceived into thinking that since same sex attraction has been observed among animals that this somehow legitimizes same sex attraction for humans. Some animals are also known to eat carrion, excrement and attack and kill humans. If same sex attraction among them can be rightly used to legitimize same sex attraction among humans, so can all their other unclean and murderous tendencies. Animals are irrational creatures that are not accountable to God. Only totally depraved fools point to the nasty actions of dogs as examples to follow rather than live according to the righteousness of God. Homosexuals prove they have fallen lower than animals by making animals as their mentors and examples to follow. One thing for sure is creatures of instinct demonstrate that they are more righteous than homosexuals, because they do not seek to justify their acts by the nasty acts of homosexuals.

Homosexuality is one of the many manifestations of the total depravity of mankind. It is part of the evidence that demonstrates the sad totally depraved state into which all mankind has fallen. It evidences that the wrath of the Almighty God hangs over the heads of every graceless human.

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