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Islamic Sign Creators Association Greets Pope In Turkey

Posted By gasmonso On November 28, 2006 @ 5:15 pm In Islam | 32 Comments

The Turkish chapter of the Islamic Sign Creators Association (ISCA) overwhelmed the Pope during his historic visit to Turkey this week. The Pope was initially filled with joy, but that quickly subsided when he got a close look at the poor craftsmanship, confusing statements, and blatant plagiarism.

For example, one clever person held a sign that showed the Pope peering into a mirror only to see a reflection of the scary guy from Scream [1]. While the Pope was impressed with the quality construction, he felt it lacked originality.

Other signs just confused the Pope. One claimed that Jesus was not the son of God, but a prophet of Islam. The Pope was embarrassed and kindly asked the individual if Mary was still his mother. No word on their response. The Vatican is looking into the issue.

The Pope also learned that the Crusades are still fresh on the minds of many Muslims, even though all those responsible have been deceased for centuries and most people nowadays have moved on.

Overall though, the Pope was pleased with their work, but said the quality wasn’t on par with the signs displayed during the Great Muhammed Caricatures riots of February.

Islamic Sign Creators Association

Islamic Sign Creators Association

Islamic Sign Creators Association

Islamic Sign Creators Association

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