scientology pageant angel In the past I’ve said that I wouldn’t cover Scientology for various reasons, the least of which is the possibility of legal threats. There are already sites that cover the whole strange cult behavior and mysterious occurrences surrounding Scientology. Then there are the sites that cover stuff like Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch and throwing his feces around like some chimpanzee on meth. Lame. But when I got wind of this tasty treat, I simply couldn’t resist. This is something so genius, so simple, yet absolutely hilarious.

Les Freres Corbusier presents this bizarre pageant and describes it best:

A cast of grade school children portrays Tom Cruise, the intergalactic ruler Xenu, and a dancing brain, among others, as they bring to life the controversial Church of Scientology in uplifting pageantry and song.

scientology pageantHmmmm, pageantry and song you say? Since most of us will never have a chance to see this extravaganza, I offer you the next best thing. Here are a couple songs from the soundtrack to give you a little taste of the insanity :) Remember these are kids performing!

L Ron Hubbard – Exactly what does the ‘L’ stand for? Listen and learn.
The Way That It Began – The true story of our beginnings.

Thanks to WFMU for the audio!

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