The 2006 Asian Games are underway in the State of Qatar, which lies in the Persian Gulf. Being a predominantly Muslim nation, Qatar is finding it difficult to cope with women’s beach volleyball. Why you ask?

Well let’s see what you need to host a beach volleyball game:

-Newly built arena… CHECK!
-Freshly textured beach-quality sand… CHECK! (Qatar is a desert nation)
-Several regulation volleyballs… CHECK!
-Hot, sweaty, scantily clothed chicks with asses to die for… UH OH!

Therein lies the problem. You see, Muslims have a hard time dealing with the matters of the flesh especially when it comes to women. My theory is that Muslim males have a difficult time restraining themselves and therefore need women to dress up like beekeepers. Now we have discussed this matter several times here and to be honest, we didn’t even sway one Muslim over to our side. But for once, for the sake of one of the finest sporting events to ever grace my tv screen, I will make the case for women’s beach volleyball with three crucial pieces of evidence.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, nor have I been advised by a lawyer. The following is based on common sense and information obtained from the web. Finally, I claim no responsibility for any immoral acts that may occur from the use of any picture found here.

Thanks to Father Ted for this one!


Exhibit A:
2006 Asian Games Women's Beach Volleyball



Exhibit B:
2006 Asian Games Women's Beach Volleyball



Exhibit C:
2006 Asian Games Women's Beach Volleyball


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