christianity symbolNPR had a great show on yesterday about an evangelical Christian group called the Christian Embassy and it’s ties to the Pentagon. The issue was raised when a video surfaced showing several key military and civilian players at the Pentagon endorsing the Christian group. This may sound like a yawner, but I managed to find the video and I honestly have to say that I’m rather shocked.

The video clearly shows several Pentagon officials endorsing Christianity and admitting that it guides their decision making process. Words can’t even begin to describe the video. One Senior Executive, Judy Guenther, breaks down in tears talking about how Jesus died just for her and saved her from a life of sin. Do you want her making decisions that quite possible effect the entire globe? I sure don’t!

Take a look and watch the entire video. Near the end you’ll even see Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett of South Carolina burst into tears. Good God man!

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