Hey everyone!

I just wanted to touch base with you and share the results of the Slogan Survey as well as the vote on adding a forums section. We had 728 total votes in the slogan survey and below you’ll find the top 10. As for the forums agenda there were 232 votes and I was somewhat surprised at the results.

Forums Vote:

Question: Would you like me to add forums?


43% – Yes
30% – Don’t Care
27% – No!!!

IMPORTANT: For those in favor of a forums section, what categories would you like to see and who would like to help moderate? If you voted no, I’d like to hear why :) Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Slogan Survey Results:

56    ReligiousFreaks.com – Have faith in yourself.
48    ReligiousFreaks.com – Because some like to do the thinking for themselves.
46    ReligiousFreaks.com – Thank God we’re Atheists
43    ReligiousFreaks.com – Defeating stupidity one zealot at a time.
38    ReligiousFreaks.com – Because we’ve learned a lot in 2000 years.
32    ReligiousFreaks.com – Scaring the Jesus out of you!
32    ReligiousFreaks.com – We take the ‘fun’ out of fundamentalism
31    ReligiousFreaks.com – Free thinkers wanted.
30    ReligiousFreaks.com – You wouldn’t believe what they believe!
29    ReligiousFreaks.com – Because there’s no excuse for ignorance

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