jewish cross walkGary from Australia sent me a link to the next chapter in the Jewish quest to bother everyone.

In the past I covered a story about eruvs that sparked a wide spectrum of opinions. Some defended the Jews, while others like myself ridiculed them for the shear nonsense. I like to think of this story as the sequel.

Orthodox Jews in Australia have yet another Shabbat dilemma on their hands… the ole "Push to Cross" button on traffic lights. Laugh if you must, but this seemingly harmless button has trapped countless Jews for decades and nearly killed those who tried in vein to thwart it.

Standard orthodox teachings dictate that no work is to be done on the Sabbath. What that exactly means is a mystery to me, but here is a good start. Apparently pushing this little button constitutes work and is therefore illegal. Luckily, the city will be installing expensive hi-tech sensors, allowing Jews to cross safely.

It makes you wonder though. If Jews are so smart, couldn’t they just "accidentally" lean on the button? Seriously, there isn’t any work involved, certainly no more than the effort to reach the crosswalk in the first place. And secondly, are these people so crazy as to walk across a busy intersection without a walk signal?

To me it looks like their beliefs are endangering them and therefore their God is. What kind of a God would do this? While the tradition stems from ancient beliefs when technology didn’t exist, surely their God would have the foresight to see this coming. Why would he do this?

I’m looking forward to some responses from Jews because the ones I know find it stupid.

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