super jewThis story would get the Rosa Parks seal of approval in there ever was one. Thanks go to Mary from Italy for the tip.

Last month an American-Israeli woman named Miriam Shear headed to Israel for what was to be a beautiful five-week vacation. Every day, Shear would take the local bus and head towards Old City to pray. She thought she was doing everything properly. She had always dressed modestly and even sported a snood. But she made one huge mistake. Shear sat in the front of the bus.

Evidently word of Rosa Parks’ victory some 50 years ago hasn’t reached the Haredi yet. We all remember the Haredi. They’re the Ultra-Orthodox crazy Jews that live by the old-school way of life. Well, they didn’t approve of Shear’s desire to sit up front and demanded she move. This is when Miriam Shear ceased to exist and Super Jew was born.

An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man told Shear to leave to which she promptly said no. The man returned fire with a shot of spit in to her face. Shears returned fire and was soon surrounded by 4 men. They slapped her, beat her, and kicked Shears. She gave the freaks a good run for their money and delivered a nut-shot to one man and a punch to yet another.

I find it interesting how not a single person intervened. One man helped after the fact, but nobody tried to stop it. What’s even more fascinating is that passengers called her a "stupid American" with no sechel [common sense]. The Jews actually blamed her for not knowing her place!

I know Mohamed would have jumped in to save her ;)

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