virgil goodeDemocratic Rep Keith Ellison became the first Muslim-American elected into office a few months ago. To spice things up a bit, Ellison announced that he would use the Koran for his swearing-in ceremony.

Lucky for us, Virginia Rep Virgil Goode isn't asleep at the wheel. This fine upstanding Republican from the South isn't gonna stand for some foreign Muslim extremist, who was fairly elected by the people, to swear-in with the Koran. Goode understands that the Koran threatens the American way of life and the freedom of religion that it affords others. Goode knows that our forefathers, great Christian men like Thomas Jefferson, would roll over in his grave at the very thought of a Koran infiltrating our beloved government.

Jefferson knew that the Koran was nothing more than a guerilla warfare handbook geared at dismantling America and squashing our Judeo-Christian principles. Jefferson knew this because he read the Koran, on accident of course. Ok, well actually Jefferson owned a copy of the Koran and Ellison will be swearing in with this one. But that's neither here nor there. Obviously Jefferson didn't purchase this Koran. It was more likely given to him as a gift and being the upstanding gentleman that he is, Jefferson kept it.

But let's not underestimate the gravity of this situation. I leave you with some heartfelt words of wisdom from Virgil "Always Vigilant" Goode:

Let us remember that we were not attacked by a nation on 9/11; we were attacked by extremists who acted in the name of the Islamic religion. I believe that if we do not stop illegal immigration totally, reduce legal immigration and end diversity visas, we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to infiltration by those who want to mold the United States into the image of their religion, rather than working within the Judeo-Christian principles that have made us a beacon for freedom-loving persons around the world.

God bless you Virgil, stay the course brother and keep spreading the hatred and ignorance. God knows that the United States needs more of that.

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