jesus vandal primitive gallery murrietaA furniture gallery in Murrieta California has fallen victim to a Jesus-loving graffiti evangelist(s). They struck in the darkness of night and decorated several trucks with catchy phrases like "Jesus died for sinners," "Jesus loves you!" and "Jesus saves! Are you saved?"

Susan Heying, the stores owner, didn't seem too upset over the matter. Actually she somewhat impressed with the quality of their work. She didn't know why it had happened, but she did recall a Christian woman complaining about the store's merchandise, which includes Buddhas, bamboo, wicker, and other accessories.

But Kim Barriga, an interior designer next door, wasn't as lighthearted. As a Christian, Barriga finds the vandalism disturbing:

Even if the vandal was a youngster, it's hard to believe that anyone who considered himself a Christian would choose vandalism as a way to spread the word.

Now Barriga has a good point, Christians are a loving bunch that only wishes the best upon their fellow man. At least that's what I thought until Barriga uttered this:

They're going to go to hell. But I'm not judging.

Of course you're not judging Barriga :)

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