Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates this last week, but I was out in Lake Tahoe doing some skiing and gambling. As luck would have it, I injured myself a little bit skiing, but all is well. Actually it was a great trip. I had a few great days of skiing until I took a spill on a black diamond run. Fortunately though, I got to play a lot of poker when I could no longer ski :)

I’m not sure anyone here plays Texas Hold’em, but it is the finest game ever created by man. I think even God himself would approve ;) I played a few cash 2-3 no limit games and a few 3-6 limit as well. But my favorite time was spent at the tournaments. I played a 20-man tournament and got busted out real quick, but I faired well on a grueling $35 100-man tournament, placing around 15th.

Obviously this isn’t a very religious subject, but I like to think of this site as a social network too :) Are there any poker players here? I’m hoping that there are a few of you… probably not Muslim though ;) This thread is also open to my skiing readers as well. What places have you been skiing at and what are your favorites? I’m pretty sure no religion has a problem with skiing so lemme know :)

Rest assured though, I have not forgotten about my duties with respects to this site. I will have a whole slew of material to cover next week and look forward to the ensuing discussions. Once again I apologize for the lack of material, but this was a much needed vacation.



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