This is what happens when you mix 2 parts crazy, 1 part religious freak, and a splash of tainted benevolence. Now before you all start attacking me for making light of this story, do yourself a favor and read the entire article first. I believe this story raises a very interesting issue.

For those too lazy to read, essentially the story boils down to a mother, LaShuan Harris, drowning her three kids in the San Francisco Bay for God. Harris believed that she was sending her children to heaven, which in her mind is a better place.

While the story is disturbing, I find the defense's insanity plea quite fitting yet interesting. The defense says that Harris is crackers. Now why is she loony? Is it because she drowned her kids or is it because of her belief that she was sending them to heaven? Now think about this a second, or don't if you prefer :)

A few hundred million people in the US alone believe in heaven. Now I can safely say that most of these people believe heaven is a better place than our current Earthly residence. That's the lure of heaven in the first place. So if she's crazy for believing this, aren't many Christians, Muslims, and Jews slightly insane as well? Seriously.

Thanks to Atilla (The Hun?) for the story.

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