Rickler sends us this little gem to lighten the mood on a wonderful Friday morning.

New York's Z Morning Zoo radio show has a little comedy skit they call the Phone Tap. Basically they have listeners set their friends and family up for various different phone pranks. This has been done a million times over, but let's just say that when the victims are old school prejudice Jews, hilarity ensues!

After listening to this, you can see why there is no hope for humanity so long as these types of religious people exist. These are the kind of people that will smile to your face and then jab an ice pick in your back. While I find the skit hilarious, it truly is disturbing how intolerant and controlling the father is. Just the amount of pressure they’re putting on their daughter and the complete lack of trust in her is startling.

I'm sure Mohamed is just enjoying every minute of this one :) But I ask you this. How would your family feel if you brought home a blond-haired, Christian bikini model that likes to occasionally drink, smoke, and owns a dog? I'm sure they would welcome her with open arms :)

Click here to listen!

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