Kent Hovind dr dinoKent Hovind, affectionately known as Dr Dino, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on federal tax charges. Hovind was the founder of Creation Science Evangelism and Dinosaur Adventure Land in Pensacola Florida. He was found guilty on 58 federal counts, including failure to pay $845,000 in employee-related taxes. Hovind's defense was a beauty. He contends that he owes no taxes because everything he owns belongs to God. Genius! Well almost. God couldn't be reached for comment ;)

Now to be honest, I am rather pleased to see one of these preachers finally caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Time and time again, these Christian con artists have bilked the ignorant masses of millions and have gotten away free and clear. I will admit though that I am not too pleased with sentencing a man to 10-years for a nonviolent crime, but at this point I'll take anything that sends a message to these people.

I have watched a few of Dr Dino's videos online and will admit that he has a great future as a comedian. His complete disregard for science is hysterical. Seriously, I think a creationist comedian is way overdue to hit the scene. Whoever does it first will be rich! Just remember to pay your taxes!

Thanks go out to Gaianna for the news tip!

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