karate for christWith Judgment Day looming just over the horizon, it's a good time to ask yourself one question: What are the chances that I will make it to that great big playground in the sky? Well if you're like me then your chances aren't very good. But there's hope. There's Karate For Christ!

Karate for Christ will give you that extra one-two punch to silence the non-believers and get one step closer to God. Satan's ninjitsu doesn't stand a chance against God's 400,000 staff wielding, pajama-wearing freaks.

But wait a sec what does Karate have to do with Christianity? Well, absolutely nothing apparently. Karate was born in East Asia as a violent method of self-defense. Christianity was born on the Middle East and speaks of turning the other cheek.

What I also find interesting is the disregard for certain practices and beliefs. For instance, students can study swordsmanship, also known as laido. Japanese believe the sword is the soul of a warrior, but Christian Karate instructor Michael Lewis sees it different:

This is a sword. It's made of metal, but it does not have a soul. The Japanese believe this is a soul of a Samurai. It becomes part of them. But it does not have a soul, so we do not treat it as such as Christians.

Christians like to worship another type of sword. It's called the crucifix.

True story… I was walking through the parking lot of the local Catholic school on my way to the park with my son. Actually it’s the same school that I attended as a child. They have a huge crucifix on the wall outside to scare greet people as they drive in. My son takes a look at it and gets all excited. He says to me, "Daddy, look at that big sword. Cool!" Needless to say I laughed my ass off. Kids are hilarious.

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