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Karate For Christ–The Army Of God’s New Weapon

Posted By gasmonso On January 22, 2007 @ 12:31 pm In Christianity | 19 Comments

karate for christWith Judgment Day looming just over the horizon, it's a good time to ask yourself one question: What are the chances that I will make it to that great big playground in the sky? Well if you're like me then your chances aren't very good. But there's hope. There's Karate For Christ [1]!

Karate for Christ will give you that extra one-two punch to silence the non-believers and get one step closer to God. Satan's ninjitsu doesn't stand a chance against God's 400,000 staff wielding, pajama-wearing freaks.

But wait a sec what does Karate have to do with Christianity? Well, absolutely nothing apparently. Karate was born in East Asia as a violent method of self-defense. Christianity was born on the Middle East and speaks of turning the other cheek.

What I also find interesting is the disregard for certain practices and beliefs. For instance, students can study swordsmanship, also known as laido. Japanese believe the sword is the soul of a warrior, but Christian Karate instructor Michael Lewis sees it different [2]:

This is a sword. It's made of metal, but it does not have a soul. The Japanese believe this is a soul of a Samurai. It becomes part of them. But it does not have a soul, so we do not treat it as such as Christians.

Christians like to worship another type of sword. It's called the crucifix.

True story… I was walking through the parking lot of the local Catholic school on my way to the park with my son. Actually it’s the same school that I attended as a child. They have a huge crucifix on the wall outside to scare greet people as they drive in. My son takes a look at it and gets all excited. He says to me, "Daddy, look at that big sword. Cool!" Needless to say I laughed my ass off. Kids are hilarious.

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