muslim beekeeperI'm just gonna throw this one out to everyone as more of a rant than a finely-crafted piece of commentary. It's a long and bumpy ride so strap on your seatbelt and hang on.

A few days ago I noticed this story about a female Muslim police officer in Britain that refused to shake hands with Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair during her graduation ceremony. She refused to do so on religious grounds. Specifically, her faith prevents her from touching another male other than her husband or close relative. More on this one later.

Next I get wind of this little beauty. A 24-year-old Muslim teacher named Aishah Azmi refused to remove her veil in class after pupils claimed it was difficult to understand her. She was promptly sacked and has filed suit claiming her religious beliefs were discriminated against. More on this one later.

Lastly, we go to Detroit where Ginnnah Muhammad, a 42-year-old Muslim woman, is pulling out the religion card. Muhammed refused to remove her veil in small-claims court at the request of District Judge Paul Paruk. Paruk claims that he needed to see her face to determine her truthfulness. Muhammed was contesting a $2,750 charge to repair her rental car. More on this later.

Now first I want to get something made clear. I personally don't give a crap what another person wears or believes in. If a woman wants to cover herself up like a beekeeper. Fine. If you want to run around naked. Great. If you choose to believe in Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, FSM, or nothing at all. More power to you. But there is a catch. You have to accommodate others beliefs and make an effort to be part of society if you choose to reap it's benefits.

Now back to the first story with the whole I can't shake hands with another man thing. For this woman to not even shake the hand of her boss is just retarded. What the hell is her hang-up? As a matter of fact why is Islam so messed up when it comes to seeing and touching women? There seems to be some sort of wacky fetish thing going on. Are Muslim women not allowed to touch another man for fear that they might break down and start having sex? Do Muslim men need their women covered because they can't contain themselves? I'm being totally serious.

I've seen American women travel to the Middle East and wear a hijab. So why the hell can't this ignorant police officer shake the hand of her boss in England? Better yet, how can she be a cop in the first place? I'm pretty sure she'll have to touch other men during arrests and rescue missions. Luckily, Muslim law is flexible though in this case apparently. Sheikh Ibraham Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, says:

People should not be alarmed by the officer's beliefs and that Muslim law was not set in concrete. If the officer is called to a male victim who has been shot, the laws go out of the window. If she has to resuscitate that dying person, Muslim law will then change and allow her all sorts of physical contact because a life is at risk and life is so precious. Muslim law will say, 'forget everything, save this life'"

Well if Muslim law is so flexible and wise, then why can't it let a female employee shake hands with her boss? Seriously, this is so damn stupid that my eyes hurt reading about it.

Now how about this teacher's refusal to remove her headpiece at school. Now don't get me wrong. I actually support Muslims wearing their hijab in the classroom, just as I support Jews wearing their little head covers. I honestly don't care and actually I like the diversity and exposure to different cultures. But as a teacher, one has to make sacrifices for the better of the class. There is no real reason why this woman can't simply remove her beekeeper mask at school. And I don't want to hear about how her religion dictates it. To me it sounds like she honestly doesn't know why, she just blames it on her religion. Did she ever question WHY it is so wrong in the first place?

And lastly we go to the Ginnah Muhammed, the Muslim lady who refused to let the judge see her face. This really pisses me off. It reminds of that Muslim woman who refused to take her hijab off for her driver’s license. If you want to be a part of another society, then you have to make some concessions damn it! I'm not saying toss out all your beliefs, but some flexibility would be nice. When I'm visiting a foreign country I do my best to adjust to their customs and rules. I don't expect their whole country to cater to my needs. It's just common courtesy and common sense. Neither of which I see in Islam.

My rant is over.

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