islam crecent moonAfter I wrote my previous rant on Muslims I wondered how long it would be till the next ridiculous story came along. Well guess what, it was a mere 24 hours and it's a beauty! Come with me to Paris, France as we embark a journey through the mind of a Muslim madman.

Ben Moussa, 23-year-old truck driver and raging Muslim, was in a Paris hospital with his wife a few months ago. It was to be a very joyous occasion as the two were expecting a child. Complications arose and Moussa's wife needed immediate medical attention. Moussa requested a female gynecologist, but alas there wasn't one of duty.

What is a macho ignorant servant of Muhammed to do in this circumstance? On one hand you have your wife and new child that desperately need medical attention. But on the other hand you have Muhammed and his damn book of rules known as the Quran which states that other men can't touch your wife. Oh what to do?

Now a loving and concerned man, like myself, couldn't care less who operated on his wife so long as she is given the proper care. Sex, race, religion are of no concern to me. All I care about is that person's ability to help my wife. Pretty simple actually. But not for Moussa. Oh no, Moussa burst into the delivery room and commenced operation beat-down. He shoved, slapped, and verbally attacked the doctor. Police force was needed to remove Moussa.

Moussa will spend the next six months in jail for his ill-bred behavior. In that time I truly wonder if he'll actually realize how foolish he and his beliefs are.

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