islam symbolLooks like we have a trifecta folks! Islam takes the gold, silver, and bronze in the January 2007 ludicrous Olympics. This final winner takes us to the lovely land of Amman, Jordan where we find a Muslim father struggling with the love of his 17-year-old daughter and the honor of his family. Complete story here.

Like many fathers, this one just wanted his daughter to be a good girl and wait till after marriage to experience the joys of sex. Honestly I find nothing wrong with that as I too have a daughter. However, what does one do if their daughter doesn't wait? Better yet, how do you even know for sure that she didn't wait?

Now if you were Christian, at worst your father would yell and kick you out of the house or ground you for 20 years. As for Jews, probably the same response holds true except I'd imagine they'd unleash one hell of a guilt trip. But what if you're Muslim? What do you do?

This Jordanian father made it quite clear what happens when daddy's little girls misbehaves. Instead of yelling, grounding, disowning, or even beating, this man fired 4 rounds into his little girl's head. Needless to say she never recovered.

Think this is rare? Think again. This phenomenon is known as an "honor killing" and happens throughout the Islamic world. Muslim males perform these acts to restore the family honor after it has been disgraced. This was the first one this year in Jordan, but they average about 20 a year. Pakistan is also a big fan of this cruel and inhuman practice. You can read more here.

It should be noted that an autopsy was performed on the girl and she was still a virgin according to the pathologist.

Thank Joell for rounding out this Islamic marathon!

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