wash feet muslim prayerIt’s no secret that the United States was a very racist country towards blacks. Back in the first half of the 20th century, it was common (at least in the South) to have segregated bathrooms and water fountains for blacks and whites. Blacks were rightfully upset over the division and it took a national civil rights movement to correct these discriminatory acts. But that was then and this is now.

Fast-forward to today and very thought of segregated washrooms is preposterous, let alone desired. That is of course unless you attend La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. Muslim students in La Trobe have been granted exclusive Muslim-only washrooms that require a secret pass code to access. But why is this necessary?

The segregated washrooms were seen as a benefit to both the Muslim and non-Muslim students. Confused yet? Muslim students are required to pray several times a day. Now as part of the ritual, Muslims are apparently required to wash their feet. In the past, Muslim students would literally stick their feet in the sink to get a good scrubbing, much to the dismay of non-Muslim students.

Both school officials and Muslim leaders approved of the bathrooms, but many people find the separate facilities divisive. Australian Family Council spokesman Bill Muehlenberg said concerns over the new facilities are valid:

“Do we have a Christian washroom or an atheist washroom? The whole thing is madness.”

Now this is a very interesting matter in my opinion. On one hand we have the whole Muslim integration issue, but on the other we have the special needs of a people being catered to. This is nothing new. Disabled people have had their own special ramps and entrances for years. Is this the same?

Mohamed, if you’re reading this, please enlighten us on the whole washing of the feet ritual. Do you wash your feet at work prior to your daily prayers? Do you even perform your daily prayers? I also invite our new hacker guests to participate in this discussion. That is of course if you can find the time. I know you’ve been busy attacking my server the last several days ;)

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