Spring Arbor Christian UniversityIn what can only be seen as a lesson in discrimination, Spring Arbor, a private Christian university has fired a male teacher for showing up as a woman.

What I find amusing is the school’s policy:

“We expect our faculty to model Christian character as an example for our students.”

So what is a model Christian character? Is it discriminating against a veteran professor that has taught thousands of students over the course of 16 years? Or maybe it’s taking action against someone and not engaging him or her in conversation to try and understand his or her differences.

I know people reading this will say that this is a private institution and they can do whatever they please. In the past I would have agreed, but the bigotry and hatred that this breeds is out of control and damaging to society.

Christians should see this as an opportunity to question their beliefs and priorities. Seriously, this focus on sexual discrimination is tired and it pains me to keep reporting it. But I will keep reporting it till some Christian can justify these unJesus-like Christian beliefs.

Thanks go out to Headline Junky for the scoop. If you haven’t seen their site, go check it out!

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