Site Redesign: I have been slowly planning the next major site redesign. This should allow more news stories to be conveyed and discussed. The ultimate goal will allow me to quickly post the news stories that you submit, while maintaining the main blog as I always have. Essentially I would have two sections on the main page… one with the main stories that I cover as well as a section of smaller stories that you submit.

Forums: As many of you remember, I have tightened security after the recent attacks. One of the gaping wholes that I unfortunately had to remove was the forum. I am in the hunt for a new forum package, but it must be very secure which is difficult to find. If anyone has a suggestion, please contact me.

New Logo: Mikael from Sweden has finished the design for a new logo. My plan will be to incorporate it in the new site design and employ it on some merchandise. More on that as I figure it out. Oh this reminds me that I need to pay him this week ;) Sorry Mikael :)

Videos: As some of you have probably noticed; I have converted most of my videos to Flash. I did this for a variety of reasons.

-To lower bandwidth usage.
-To use a standard interface
-To host videos that were removed from YouTube and Google Video for various reasons.

That 3rd point is getting on my nerves. If anyone knows of a good video hosting service that doesn’t pull copyrighted material (ie news footage) please let me know.

Suggestions: If anyone here has any suggestions for me with respects to the site (and not my religious beliefs ;) please let me know. I am trying to make the experience on this site a pleasurable one, but I need input from you guys. Whether you have a suggestion about the content, design, frequency of updates, etc… Please let me know. Do you have thoughts on where you would like this site to go? Do want to see some coverage that is currently missing?

Advertising: Lastly, this site receives decent traffic for now considering I don’t advertise. However, my goal is to achieve at least 5,000 unique visitors a day. But I don’t want just any visitors; I want to keep the standard that I have enjoyed thus far. Everyone on this site (with a few exceptions) has been fantastic. The quality of the discussions is better than I see on most sites of this nature and for that I am thankful. Having said that though, I am open to suggestions for getting the word out. Please share your ideas here or contact me in private!



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