jose luis de jesus mirandaBack in September of last year, I reported on Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a charismatic preacher who claimed to be Jesus Christ. It has since brought him fame, fortune, and a large following. In my previous article I also made the claim that this story has all the makings of another Jonestown.

The situation has taken another step in that direction. Well at the very least it’s gotten really weird. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda threw a curve to everyone by claiming that he is no longer Jesus, but the Antichrist. To mark this special occasion, Jose got a trendy little “666″ tattoo on his arm and even showed it off to his followers.

How did these highly educated, independent-thinking people react? Well they went down to a local tattoo parlor and got their very own sign of the beast emblazoned on their arms too. Unbelievable you say? Well watch the video and see this circus freak for yourself.

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