The following article is from a Christian gentleman named Kyle. Kyle had contacted me via email after stumbling across my site via a Google search for ‘jesus’. Unlike most of my emails from religious folks, Kyle was rather polite with his comments. We exchanged a few more emails when I decided to ask Kyle how he knew God existed? I also asked him why and how so many Christians claim to feel God or Jesus within them.

Surprisingly Kyle responded and gave me his blessings to share it with all of you. Remember, he was kind enough to put himself at the mercy of you all. So please extend some level of professionalism in your responses.


Kyle writes:

I know what they mean when they say I can feel God and when they talk to other Christians I truly believe that’s enough but when it comes to convincing someone it takes a little more. Sorry if I sound a little geeky but I’m sort of a science kind of guy I’m going to use numbered points to explain this so I don’t start blending my ideas together.

1. The theory of evolution’s only real argument is that we look kind of the same. Every time someone tries to create a mutation you either get a normal specimen, a retarded specimen, or a dead one. The greatest chance they could possibly have to create a mutation is by using a viral transfer and that is not very likely and only under highly restricted human controlled conditions.

2. We are all made up of Atoms. Those atoms are just swirling electrical charges. So the only difference from you and your computer is an arrangement of charges. These charges are held together by a series of magnetic fields. Other fields around them affect these fields. With the amount of electrical equipment generating magnetic fields in the air it’s a wonder our atoms don’t separate or deform. The earth’s movement creates several different fields and could create a large magnetic anomaly. This would be catastrophic, destroying everything and reverting it back into what it was made of… hydrogen, oxygen, etc. The highly unstable condition of everything’s basic components suggests that there is something beyond this existence as we know it keeping it together. The military has tried to create a weapon based on these facts. It was known as the Philadelphia project and had some very bad results with soldiers fused into the walls of a ship. Now say there was something controlling those fields and the fields within your body. If that being could work the fields within them they could feel a change before one is evident. Science does not disprove God, we just are not smart enough to figure out the complete scientific logic that would reveal God.

3. My case for Jesus. I’ am currently researching this one but as for now I’m just going to use logic. It is proven that a man named Jesus did exist and that 11 of his 12 disciples were murdered in horrible fashion because they would not deny that Jesus rose from the grave. OK say I died and you decided that hey this guy was awesome I’m going to say I saw him come back from the dead. Then the people in charge get a hold of you and say were going to smash in your head with a rock if you do not admit your lying. I would say ok you got me guys I just made it up.

These are just the small reasons that reinforce my faith. I really do believe that it is what I felt that changed me. At first I felt anger, who do these people think they are saying what’s right and what’s wrong. I felt disappointed although I didn’t know why. Then I felt ashamed and I also had no idea why. I soon realized I wasn’t angry at the preachers but at the message. It was when I realized I wasn’t being the man I could be when I felt something pulling at me. Everything I thought was fair wasn’t. I always complained about hate and violence, but then I could say I hated terrorist and thought it was ok because it was ok by society (society also approved of slavery at one time, and of killing Jews in mass numbers in Germany). Something I felt moving in me told me I needed something but it also let me know it was my choice. I chose to accept what was laid down for me at the cross.

Now I feel better than ever. Nothing can really get me down, I mean I get sad and upset because I’m human but never to the points I have before. I Feel God moving me, and once you feel God moving you can see God moving in the world around you.


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