Hoist the freak flag because we’re about to embark on a most unsettling Christian animated journey. There are three distinct stops on this journey and I politely ask that you keep your hands inside the ride at all times. So without further ado, let us begin.

Stop #1: VeggieTales–A computer animated Christian series produced by Big Idea, Inc. VeggieTales is the definition on how vegetables can be used to indoctrinate kids in to Christianity.

veggie tales heroes of the bible

Stop #2: The Religetables–A VeggieTales parody created by Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse showcasing the horrifying and scandalous moments in Christian history.

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Stop #3: Clum Babies on Drawn Together–An insane parody of VeggieTales that words can’t begin to describe. If you haven’t seen this show, then you are in for a shock. Be careful if you’re at work… you’re coworkers may hear you dying of laughter. Thanks to Brett Keane for the video!

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