JesusTomorrow in New York, James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici will hold a press conference to unveil what they believe is the most significant archeological find in history.

Cameron and Jacobovici will display the actual casket of Jesus Christ complete with remains. The two filmmakers will also claim that Jesus had a son and and a brother as well. But it gets a little more interesting that this.

30 years ago, a cave was discovered in Jerusalem containing ten coffins. The inscriptions on the coffins bare the names of Jesus, Mary, Mary, Matthew, Jofa, and Judah. But it took nearly twenty years to decipher the inscriptions. Critics quickly argued that those names were very common during that period and do not prove that they belonged to Jesus and his family. The story never gathered any steam and essentially evaporated.

This is when Cameron and Jacobovici stepped in. The two conducted an exhaustive investigation over three years and proved that the coffins and remains do indeed belong to Jesus and his family. In addition, they claim to have proved that Jofa was Jesus’ brother and Judah was Jesus’ son.

Being the filmmakers that they are, a documentary has been produced and will air on the Discovery Channel next Sunday as far as I can tell.

So what does this mean for Christianity? If those truly are the remains of Jesus then he never rose from the dead. This would show what I believe to be true all along. Jesus was just a revered preacher and a humanitarian who was seen as a threat due to his popularity. No more, no less.

Now on the other side of things… is this just a publicity stunt for two filmmakers to cash in and get noticed? Can they really prove that those remains are Jesus’?

Thanks go out to Itanshi and Thomas for throwing this story my way!

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