evil baby antichristOff to Russia we go where a devout Christian unknowingly has been living with the Antichrist baby for two years! Furthermore, the fate of our very existence falls upon her actions. I’m sure you’re confused so allow me to clarify.

A mother in Stavropol Russia gave birth 2 years ago in what was a seemingly ordinary birth. But was it? Over the next few years, the Antichrist was nursing normally and growing at a normal rate. Nothing strange had happened in their home and there was no reason to even suspect that this child was the Antichrist.

In it’s infinite wisdom the diabolical Antichrist chose to be born as a girl, obviously expecting that everyone would assume the Antichrist would be male. Brilliant! Seemingly the Antichrist had covered all it’s bases and was merely biding time. Soon he would be strong enough to unleash his fiery hell storm upon humanity.

But God works in mysterious ways, and fired off a warning to us mere mortals. God wisely arranged the hospital registration system so that the Antichrist’s birth would be 666. Double brilliant!

With the couple’s recent discovery of God’s latest miracle, the family is rightly shocked. Unable to part with their precious baby girl, the mother has foolish asked the hospital to change the registration number to anything other than 666. The hospital wisely refused to tamper with God’s work. The mother’s response was taken out of the good ole USA playbook. She’s suing.

While the courts argue over this matter, the Antichrist grows stronger and more evil with each passing day. Latest reports show that the Antichrist is already walking, reciting the alphabet, and even worse… he’s potty trained! Oh the humanity!

Complete story here.

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