weeping jesusI read this story last month and didn’t have time to report on it. Yesterday Dave, one of our readers, brought it to my attention again. I’m glad he did because I think it really shows the hypocrisy that many Christians harbor.

Tasha Childress had a sick daughter that needed some treatment. While it was only an ear infection, any parent knows how much pain that can cause a child. So she did what I have done and I’m sure many of you have. She went to her local pediatrician to get it taken care of. But what transpired was yet another blatant display of hypocrisy flying under the Christian banner.

Dr. Gary Merrill, of Christian Medical Services, was on duty that night and he exemplified the one single Christian trait that I find appalling. He refused to care for Childress’s child because she bore the sign of the Beast! No I’m just kidding; she simply had a visible tattoo that held absolutely no meaning and was far from being profane.

Dr. Merrill said he was just following his beliefs, creating a Christian atmosphere for his patients. Furthermore he noted that he has standards that he expects of his patients based on his values and morals.

So I have to ask.. What exactly are these exemplary morals and values that Dr Merrill has graced us with? Are they to simply deny medical treatment to a child because her parents don a harmless tattoo? Now I’m no expert on Jesus, but I guarantee that he wouldn’t refuse to heal someone because they are different. As a matter of fact, Jesus would have embraced this family and cared for their sick child.

This story speaks volumes about Christianity and how far it has diverged from its original teachings. I dare anyone to disagree. Christianity in principal was supposed to be about loving thy neighbor and all that happy shit. But now none of that seems to apply anymore if you’re different in any way.

What a load of crap. I hate using foul language in articles, but this kind of ignorance just pisses me off. Christians think that this is a rare occurrence and Christianity isn’t really like this. Bullshit!

I could tell you stories about Christians I know and I’m sure you all have similar ones. Maybe that should be a separate thread all together.

Oh and for you Christians that are against tattoos, go take a peek here before you start throwing down Bible verses.

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