rev james synderNow here’s a refreshing religious story for a change.

The Rev. James Snyder, pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, has a common-sense approach to combating abortion. Instead of using scare tactics and condemnation, Rev Snyder has resorted to using his mind and his heart. Yea I just saw that pig fly by too!

Pastor Snyder has decided to embrace pregnant teens and provide them with an alternative to abortion. The Family of God Fellowship purchased 13 acres in a Florida residential neighborhood. Here they plan to build five 5,500-square-foot homes and a 10,000-square-foot recreational and educational facility. This will provide sanctuary for up to 48 pregnant and at-risk teenage girls.

Over the course of their stay, these women will receive an education, job training, and of course a good healthy dose of spiritual development (there’s always a catch). In addition, each house will be run by housemothers and a young married couple, to provide a solid family-like structure.

And the best part of this entire project is how it’s being paid for. They are solely funded by private donations and will not be supported by any government funds. Amen to that ;)

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