in satan we trustWe all tend to laugh at Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart when they declare that the devil is at work in the US. They site the growing acceptance of homosexuals and evolution in the schools as evidence that God is losing out to the Devil.

In the past, I tended to write off their flippant remarks as nothing more than paranoid delusions. Seriously, this is the good ole US of A and this is God’s country. Right? Hell, just look at the money in your pocket because it clearly states, “In God We Trust”, unless of course you live in Europe. But hey that’s your problem.

Well after recent events, I too see the wisdom of our great religious leaders. They are right. God is losing the battle in America and the great Satan is destined for glory. I offer you this as undeniable proof!

The Devil managed to remove our sacred national motto while we as a country were asleep at the wheel. Do you know how tough security is at the US Mint? Well I don’t, but I bet it’s pretty damn good. So you know the Devil means business when he can single handedly bypass security and remove God right out from under our noses.

The end is near!

You can all thank Joel for tipping me off on this one. Oh and sorry about the lack of updates in the last 36 hours, but Tuesday night is poker night, making Wednesday hangover day ;)

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