hindu militantHere are the ReligiousFreaks.com words of wisdom for the day:

If you’re a Christian and wake up one morning in Rajasthan India, RUN!!! Planes trains and automobile that sh*t. Do whatever you need to do to get as far away from that place as possible.

If you don’t, you’re going to be at the business end of some iron rods as was the case with Pastor Reginald Howell of Good Shepherd Community Church. Pastor Howell was beat down last week by iron rod wielding Hindu extremists during a prayer meeting with a group of disabled people. Yes it gets worse. The Pastor managed to make his way to a local hospital where he was promptly refused treatment. Yes, it still gets worse. Police then refused to file his report about the incident. And for the grand finale, they forced him to leave the State.

Rajasthan India, if you haven’t already noticed, is extremely intolerant towards non-Hindus. In 2006 they passed a law permitting “all use of force to prevent conversions.” On top of that there’s a penalty of up to five years for those found guilty.

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