doaa fares miss israelBefore I begin this article I have to point out that the infamous Shaze is the one who brought this story to my attention. It was also his birthday this past weekend so everyone please wish him a very Religious Freaks birthday :) Now let’s get on with the story!

If you aren’t familiar with the Druze than do yourself a favor and go here. Don’t be ashamed; I never heard of them either till now.

Let us take a trip to the peaceful land of Israel. Here I will introduce to you a lovely girl named Doaa Fares… she is the girl pictured here. She was raised in a deeply conservative Druze village where women are born into a traditional conservative role.

But Fares was ahead of her time and looking to break the mold. She changed her name to Angelina and entered the Miss Israel beauty pageant with delusions of grandeur… a cash prize, a car, and a modeling career.

Unfortunately for Angelina, she was amongst the land of the religious freaks. She was the first Druze to compete in such a competition and was thus targeted faster for extermination than Sara Connor. Even more troubling is the fact that it wasn’t the Terminator trying to silence her… it was her own flesh and blood. Her family was evoking the age-old tradition of Honour Killing to protect their own honor.

I know in the past I have labeled this phenomenon as an Islamic one. Many wrote to suggest otherwise and this may be evidence. If anyone has knowledge on the Druze I would appreciate your insight.

The reason I labeled this story under Islam is because the roots of the Druze appear to stem from there. I must emphasize that the Muslim community does not recognize the Druze.

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