deletedsoul bridgettIt’s been a while since we’ve done a little questions and answers session with a reader so let’s have at it.

I’ve been talking with Bridgett recently, one of our regular readers who you may recognize as deletedsoul. She was kind enough to share her evangelical childhood experiences with me. It’s very well written and insightful. I promptly asked if she’d be interested in sharing it with the world. She agreed with hopes that it might shed some light on the evangelical lifestyle and it’s effects on her.

Here’s a sample taken from her blog entry. If you find it interesting, please read the entire post at her site. Once you’re done please ask Bridgett any questions you’d like in the comments section here. I’ll pass them off to her this weekend and provide you with the answers once I receive them.

There is only one rule. Keep the questions and comments on track and pertinent to the topic (no flaming evangelicals). Bridgett was kind enough to let us in to her life, so please show her the respect that she deserves.

Me at 17–deletedsoul:

At 17 I was immersed in “church life”, fighting with my parents and many issues at home, yet still trying to live up to the expectations that they held for me. I wasn’t expected to get a college degree, I wasn’t even fully expected to find a husband and start a family. No…the expectation…the requirement…was that I would remain a steadfast, semi-fanatical, non-questioning, devout, spiritual “Christian”. Granted, I had my moments of rebellion growing up, but I never slipped out of the house late at night, I never smoked, never drank or did any drugs. The closest thing to sex was stolen kisses behind the church or a naughty late night chat session (once I finally had internet access). No, I was a good kid, as far as appearances go. I had to appear meek and devout, innocent and un-tainted.

(Complete story here…)

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