RIP tom turkeyIt saddens me to announce that Tom, the beloved fowl of faith, has passed away. Tom was a regular member of the Lambs United Methodist Church in Wales Township Michigan. People remember Tom for his warm heart and selfless personality. He regularly spent his Sunday afternoons at the church greeting visitors and attending service. Yes, Tom was a special bird that touched the lives of so many and asked for little in return, usually just a stipend of feed or a few crumbs.

When Tom wasn’t at church he would show up at the community’s bus stop to frolic with the local children. Others enjoyed watching Tom strut down the middle of the street, trying to impress the ladies. Some had warned Tom that he was flirting with disaster with his street antics, but Tom would just brush it off and continue to entertain. That’s just the kind of bird he was.

Sadly, this reckless behavior of Tom caught up with him one fateful afternoon when he was struck and consequently mortally wounded by a passing automobile.

I think I speak for all of us at when I say that you’ll be missed Tom. Farewell my sweet fowl. Farewell.

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