brian whiteHere’s a depressing story to carry you in to the weekend on a sad note.

Yesterday afternoon 75-year-old Michail Makarenko stopped along a New Jersey highway rest stop. Native Texan Brian White, a delusional Christian who was soliciting homemade Christian CDs, approached Makrenko. What happened next is nothing short of insane.

When Makrenko refused to purchase the CDs, White grabbed a rock and beat Makrenko to the ground. He later succumbed to his injuries. White fled the scene and led police on a 90-mile chase. He was eventually caught and charged appropriately.

Makrenko was an anti-Soviet agitator and survivor of the Russian gulags. More recently, Makrenko was an art gallery owner that exhibited works from banned artists. He had an interesting and eventful life to say the least.

Of course White’s mother was shocked by the incident and said only the following, “He’s a Christian guy. He made lots of Christian CDs.”

Here’s what Brian had to say about himself on his MySpace page:

I prayed for God to give me wisdom and understanding and that I make the right decision and my whole life changed. Later that week people everywhere kept approaching me telling me God told them to tell me this or that or they would pray for my future. So, I made the turn around sincerely in my heart, and God has changed my music. THe Holy spirit tells me what to play and what to sing. “All glory to God maker of all things”!!!!!!!I had a dream where he gave me special green and black tatoos, and I didnt want the tatoos, and you know tatoos dont go away so I had to accept my calling because there was no running “this time”. God has given me different gifts that where always there but he has put his touch on them, and I tell you it is really a blessing. I can help you in any situation. Try me. 281 229 4532 ANyways my real name is Brian Kuo Catrelle White and my Album which I believe will be part of The next century Bible is called the Book of Brian. The Book contains ? Chapters and in them is True Secrets straight from God. Aliens are among us, the secret scrolls is real, We have a secret city the Gov has made, and the cloning of men is now and real. God is very angry with us, and he will soon change his face. God is real, and you Presidents and so called Men of God should tell the people the Truth so that they will be saved. You all know what Aliens, Scrolls, and the Secret City I am talking about and you need to Free peoples minds so they can stop believing our God is not Merciful. The thing I can’t stand most is when God gives me a message for someone and the “worldly” person accepts it and even says thanks, the “christian” tries to test me and then give me their oppinion. I dont go around trying to ruin peoples life, I just obey God. It kind of reminds me of when Jesus was teaching and the Rabbi’s where testing him. Church people get jealous when they see someone being used by God and its not them, no wander why knowone wants to go to Church. But realize God lives in your heart so you dont have to go to Church 2 find him. A simple prayer will do, all you have to do is ask him to come into ur heart, and hes allready there waiting to turn the light on in your closet. God bless

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