jesus with gunFirst off, thanks to Itanshi for providing this ridiculous story. Secondly, if you haven’t heard of the term “man up” then you are obviously a girly man and need a little reeducation ;)

Gone are the days where Jesus was viewed as a passive, peaceful, loving and caring individual. Let’s face it, that’s boring. In this day and age where Hollywood action films reign supreme, there isn’t any room for a wimpy Jesus. It’s time for Jesus and his male followers to MAN UP damnit!

Brad Stine, comedian and founder of GodMen, has had enough of all this feminine church crap. He’s set off to create a manlier version of Christ. A Christ that doesn’t take sh*t from anyone — “the Christ who took a whip to moneychangers, and used the word “dung” when he had to.” The Terminator ain’t got nothing on this Jesus.

Stine is fed up with Christian men getting in touch with their feminine side and singing sissy songs in church. In Stine’s church you can be a real man. Wanna talk about porn? Go ahead! Wanna bend metal frying pans with your bare hands? This is your place. Hell, there’s even a TV for watching NFL clips. And the best part is there are no women to bother you. Got a girlfriend? Leave her at home; she’s not welcome. Oh but what about my wife? Too bad, tell her to clean the house and have your dinner ready when you come back home.

Now many of you are probably thinking this is a joke, but fortunately for this site it isn’t. I watch this video and can’t help but to laugh. Is Christianity so desperate now, that they have to resort to these antics? Christianity has turned into a product that is losing business and thus the marketing has changed to improve market share. This group is just one of many resorting to these desperate measures because consumer demand is falling.

Do you all see this the same way or am I just delusional?

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