pimp jesusPastor Ben Gibert of the Detroit World Outreach Church in Redford Michigan spoke those words. Remember them well.

When I read that sentence, “God surrounds the faithful with beautiful things”, it got me thinking. What exactly are those beautiful things anyways? Was Pastor Gibert referring to your loved-ones? Possibly. Or maybe he was talking about the beauty of nature. Ok maybe not. Maybe these beautiful things refer to the people, places, and things you see everyday and under the light of God they appear beautiful.

I had you going there for a second didn’t I? This is a Christian mega-chuch pastor we’re dealing with so money is God and God is money. The most beautiful thing to Pastor Ben Gibert is his crazy pimped out 11,000-square-foot $3.65 million dollar mansion. Oh what’s that parked in the driveway? Ah it’s just a $50,000 Cadillac Escalade provided by the church. What’s even more beautiful is that the church conveniently purchased it for him thus making it tax exempt. Oh praise be to Jesus! Now those are some beautiful things damnit!

While most of the residents weren’t too concerned with the Pastor’s opulent lifestyle, one individual offered their wisdom:

“They could buy a very, very nice home out here for half a million,” she said. “Can you imagine how many miracles you could perform, how many people you could help with the $3 million left over?”

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