Recently I was contacted by highschool Freshman Anjelica who was conducting a little survey for one of her classes. She asked me to answer a few questions about religion and spirituality. I thought to myself, why should I be the only one here doing the work when I have all of you guys ;)

So if you would be kind enough, take a few minutes of your time and answer these questions for Anjelica. Yea, I never thought I’d be helping kids learn with this site either ;) But I love it!

Here’s Anjelica’s email to me along with her survey questions. I added the first question because I think it would be useful.

Hello, my name is Anjelica.

I’m a freshman in High School and I happened to stumble upon your website while
doing some research. You see, I’m doing this project for my talented and gifted
class on “Human Interest in Spirituality/Religion”. While reading your website,
I was so…amazed…to see that someone else agreed with practically every one
of my views.

The reason I’m contacting you is that I want to ask you a few questions. I read
that you went to Catholic school (as did I) and now, I guess you’re some sort
of Agnostic person. I identify the same way. But as I was saying, I’d really
like to ask you a question or two about spirituality. The questions I have are
from a survey I’m compiling and then distributing to people who are going to
participate in a discussion I’m having about spirituality.


1. What religion do you practice if any?
2. Why do you think most people want spirituality/religion in their lives?
3. What would you define as spiritual?
4. Do you believe it’s possible for every religion to have a valid
point/belief? (ie one that is publicly accepted by the masses)

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