hooters logoPalestinians rejoice as Hooters will be supplying them with a fresh batch of targets. Young Palestinian suicide bombers, bored with targeting the usual pizza parlors and shopping malls, are eagerly awaiting the new chain of Hooters restaurants.

Prior to the Hooters arriving, terrorists were limited to Israeli targets. But now there’s a new dimension opening up. Hooters provides a bonus element due to its western origins. Now targets include women wearing low-cut blouses and short skirts, both a big no-no in Islamic culture.

But the Palestinians might have some competition. In a bold move, Hooters has decided to piss off the local Jewish population by not going kosher. I expect to see a good race between the Palestinians and the Haredi. Now to be fair, the Haredi have an advantage as they are already in Israel, but don’t count out the Palestinians just yet. They have proven to be quite adept at infiltrating Israel in the past.

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