darwin will learn youThe magnificent Shaze sends us yet another fine piece of literature compliments of the New York Times.

This is a great read that explores the origins of morality. Obviously this has a great impact on religion as many such as Christianity and Islam claim that morals come from God. But recent studies are starting to show that morals may have predated religion and are even observable in today’s primates.

Here’s a sample:

Religion can be seen as another special ingredient of human societies, though one that emerged thousands of years after morality, in Dr. de Waal’s view. There are clear precursors of morality in nonhuman primates, but no precursors of religion. So it seems reasonable to assume that as humans evolved away from chimps, morality emerged first, followed by religion. “I look at religions as recent additions,” he said. “Their function may have to do with social life, and enforcement of rules and giving a narrative to them, which is what religions really do.”

Please read the entire article, as it would be foolish for me to summarize it appropriately here. But before you go and read it, ask yourself this… If scientists prove that morals can evolve naturally, what effect will this have on religion? Is this science just putting yet another nail in religion’s coffin?

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