islam symbolI began this article with a submission by Shaze, who just happens to have a knack for exposing the horrors of religion. At first I thought there was no need to cover the story. Sure it’s extremely disturbing and directly related to Islam, but I saw it as a rare incident in a part of the world that is long forgotten. Not more than a minute passed when stumbled upon this next article.

I have covered Islamic sharia law several times in the past. These incidents usually occurred in remote areas of Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Sudan as was the case with Shaze’s story. But this latest article talks about this “honour” based violence in Britain, a modern culturally diverse nation. How could this be?

Each year there are an estimated 12 honour killings in Britain and countless more incidents violence and bullying. These are fueled by the spread of radical Islam and a warped sense of faith. Read the article for the full picture.

What I want to touch on is very simple. If this kind of extremism can find roots and potentially prosper openly in a country like Britain, what will happen as radical Islam spreads to the rest of Europe?

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