darwin will learn youSince its conception, this site has hosted several heated discussions on evolution and creationism. Unfortunately due to the fundamental differences in each camp, I feel that the creationists truly don’t understand Evolution nor do they appreciate the vast amount of human intellect and scrutiny that has been poured over it.

My goal with this article is not to humiliate creationists for their beliefs, but rather to educate them with respects to evolution. With countless evolutionary resources online, it is intimidating for the inexperienced to get started. This is where you guys come in. I want you to help build a solid reference on what evolution is and more importantly what evolution is not. There are many misconceptions about evolution that I think need clearing up.

Another aspect I’d like to tackle is some of the typical arguments that creationists use. One that comes to mind is the human eye. Creationists have long declared that the human eye is just too complex to have come about randomly. Well there are actually two problems with that statement. The first is that evolution can’t evolve complicated structures. The second problem is that creationists see evolution as random acts where things just magically happen.

I’d like everyone here to list the common misconceptions about evolution and the truths behind them.

If anyone else has thoughts on what should be covered here please share’em with us. My goal is to make this a permanent post that will serve as a resource for future debates.

I’ll start us off with this great resource for evolution. It’s heavy on videos, slides, and interactive exercises. Check out this short clip on the evolution of the eye and see how nature could be the greatest “designer” of all :)

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